Tuesday, August 31, 2010

5 days down...too many more to count!

Today was 5dpIUI.
This 2 week wait is really going to be hard...because this time, more than ever before, I really believe that I'm pregnant! I know it is early...too early to know anything, but I just feel differently. Of course with the good timing and count, it just seems like we just hit the nail right on the head this cycle.
Yesterday and today I have had this weird metallic/acid taste in the back of my throat. Nothing like acid reflux, although I have never had it, DH has and according to him, it's nothing like that.
Surprisingly enough, HE is the one consulting with Dr. Google on my symptoms to see what he can find and wouldn't you know it, there are several forums that mention this as an early sign of pregnancy! REALLY? Even one of the recent pregnant ladies on FT even said that she started noticing that around week 4 and that it comes and goes. Yes I thought, it comes and goes with me too. I am feeling what is hard to explain as either serious bloating or feeling overly stuffed...like I sat down at the table and had too much to eat. And looking at me, you would think that too, considering that I have put on quite a bit of weight with the IF medications I have loaded myself with over the past 4 months or so. BUT TRUST ME, IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT!!
I guess tomorrow you would consider me halfway done with this long and dreaded 2ww, but I just see it as several days before truly knowing yes or no. The nurse said I should not test before Tuesday, the 7th of Sept...but DH's birthday is the 6th (what timing, I know). So, my thought process is to POAS on Sunday the 5th which would be 12 days past trigger and 10 days past IUI. It's a starting point anyway, and I will continue to test every day there after until my BFP....I just know it's gotta be a BFP this month!

Friday, August 27, 2010

IUI #3...done and on the road to our BFP!

Well, IUI is DONE! Just one this time instead of the back to back 2 I have had the past two cycles.  I gave myself the Ovidrel trigger Tuesday night at 6pm exactly and Wednesday night the OPK was a strong ++ before the control line even showed up (GREAT SIGN). The morning of the IUI (Thursday) I did another OPK which was still a strong ++ and a HPT which thankfully had the faint + line as well (due to the Ovidrel injection). My plan is to take a HPT every day until the Ovidrel is out of my system which should be 10 days!
Everything was different this time around during the procedure as well. For starters, they wanted me to have a full bladder for my IUI as it would help with the placement of the catheter through the cervix. Trust me, I took DR C serious when he asked me to do that. I thought I would pop before I ever got back to the exam room. My normal nurse wasn't in, and trust me, I missed her dearly. Normally she will leave the lights off and let me lay down as long as I would like and she is just always so caring. I really love her.
Anyway, the interesting thing that was different this go around was that they did an ultrasound guided IUI. The nurse did an abdominal ultrasound as the doctor inserted the catheter. I actually got to see the little guy be injected into my uterus and start swimming...AMAZING!
As for DH's numbers this month...they were back where they needed to be with 17mm post wash and 90% motility. I wish I could have stayed laying longer than 10 minutes, but I had to relieve my bladder before it started cramping (the nurse said that would be counter productive). I quickly got dressed and hit the restroom before checking out. The doctor was really impressed with the procedure (bloodwork and SC) and instructed us to just do the BD and take a test on Sept. 7th. BUT...since the 6th is DH's birthday, I hope to have a BFP on a HPT a day early so he can get the greatest birthday present.
BTW, we did not do the deed last night (night of IUI)...and I was really REALLY upset about that, but I still have faith that this is going to be it...


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cycle days flash by and a death in the middle of it all...

Lots and LOTS to catch up on!

I’m sorry I have been MIA for a while, but so much has happened. My sister Dimples’ husband died unexpectedly. Yes, you read right, I said Dimples. Her real name is Francis, but for as long as I can remember, she has always been known as Dimples. Anyway, he died very unexpectedly and DH and I had to make a trip to Kentucky for the funeral. Very quick trip, but it was nice to see family for a little while even though the situation that brought us together wasn’t a good one.

As far as the IF journey is concerned, I had a doctor appointment on CD10 this cycle instead of CD12, so Friday, Aug. 20th was my appointment. Ultra sound only showed one measurable follie at 16mm on my right ovary and everything else was less than 10mm. I was shocked to hear that the large follicle was on my right since typically the ovaries switch back and forth, and last cycle the right was my dominant one holding 3 mature follicles. Instructions from the doctor were to continue to take the Follistim for the next 4 nights at the same dosage (50iu) and then return on Tuesday the 24th (CD14) for a follow up. That appointment was this morning, and what a great and amazing report it was!!

This morning I had a 22 and 20mm on my right (I guess the 22 was the 16 from Friday), and of course PCOS…no big shocker there. The shocker was the 26mm that was measured in my LEFT ovary, which was not there on Friday! Now, some might say that the doctor must have just missed that on Friday’s ultra sound, but I’m not one of those people…I know that God is right in the midst of all of this, and HE grew that follicle. I’m praying that it just might hold my miracle egg that will lead to my miracle child.

Instructions this time are to trigger with Ovidrel tonight at 6pm and then return on Thursday the 26th for my IUI. I’m praying that IUI#3 is the lucky charm, but I’m giving this all up to the Lord, for I know that He will give me the desires of my heart. I just have a hard time waiting for HIS time.

As for my other sisters in fertility, there have been a lot of BFP’s this month, and I am so incredibly happy for each one of them. I keep them in my prayers and thoughts daily, and although my heart is a little heavy with the desperation that I wish it was me…Oh how I wish it was me. I am generally ecstatic for each of them and their success. I can’t wait to join the crowd…in just a little of 2 weeks!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

CD2, and we're ready!

As CD2 rolled in this morning, I was really expecting another heavy day (yesterday was horrible) and yet thankfully so far, so good. So far I have not had any where near the cramping I had last cycle, and I am so thankful for that. Last month was a bear for me, and I can only think it was because I had gone so long without actually having break-thru bleeding. I'm doing a lot of reflecting and focusing on what I should attempt to do differently this go around, and I'm still struggling with what would be best for the BFP I long for.
After speaking with the nurse yesterday about DH's CSA that was done last week, I am completely relieved that it must have just been the crud he had come down with around the time of our IUI's that caused his motility to drop so drastically. His count was up to 52 mil swimmers which was 26 mil/ml and his motility had gone back up to about 65%!! PRAISE THE LORD!
Yesterday I did some research online into some helpful supplements that he should be taking, some of which he was already taking and some that we decided we would add into the mix. So, off we went on our little field trip to the Vitamin Shoppe with my list in hand. It was so cute seeing how interested he was in getting exactly what he needed to get to make his soldiers a little stronger for their upcoming adventure! So, his supplements are now: L-Carnitine 500mg 3xday, CoQ-10 100mg 2xday, and a multi-vitamin from Vitamin Shoppe called Max-Sorb for men which has the RDA of Vitamin E, C, B12 as well as Selenium, Zinc, Chromium and other wonderful extras. The RE will also be having him start a 10 day regime of antibiotic (Cipro) starting tomorrow, CD3...
Tomorrow it's back to the doctor, and I can't wait to get this under-way. I just can't wait to get that BFP surprise for my sweetie's birthday, which happens to be labor day this year.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Here we go again....attempt #3

I know I have been absent for several weeks, and I apologize for those that come in frenquent to catch up on what's going on, but things have been so busy at our house and with our fertility journey. We put the house on the market a few weeks ago, and IUI #2 kept us on our toes. Unfortunately we were not so lucky with numbers...on DH's part. As for me, I responded marvelous this go around, producing 3 mature follies ranging in sizes 20-24. Then time for the IUI DH's motility was a sad sad 5%!!! That's right, no mis-type. It went from 100% to 5%. He had been sick for about 2 weeks leading up to IUI, and obviously it took such a toll on his "boys".

Today is now CD1 for IUI attempt #3. I called the nurse to schedule my appointment and found out that the CSA that they did on DH last week (after our BFN from IUI#2). Seems like DH is back to where he needs to be with a marvelous count and good motility. Tonight the plan is to run to Vitamin Shoppe and get him stocked up on the supplements he needs to take and then in for CD3 ultrasound and blood work on Friday morning. Here's praying that #3 will be our lucky charm and we will finally get our BFP for my honey's birthday!

Stay tuned!