Thursday, September 8, 2011


Two days down, and ten to go until beta is tested.
Transfer Recap
Tuesday was a really good day. Transfer was scheduled for noon, so had to get up at 6am to take my Crinone. My next medication wasnt suppose to be taken until 8 so I thought I could get a couple more hours of sleep. That didn't happen!
Ken and I laid in bed watching some tv and thinking about the day, which happened to be his birthday too.
After our showers we went out for a good breakfast at Charlotte Cafe.
We got to the clinic af 11:30 as asked, but didn't get called back until almost noon. They were busy with lots of transfers.
Dr. C came in and told us that all 3 embies we thawed looked great and still AA grade. He also made the comment about all of them taking.and then losing them all at birth. Needless to say, that ticked me off.
But, the transfer went so much smoother than last time. We got a picture of a beautiful embies as well as a picture of the actual transfer.

So, now the waiting begins.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Do I see an FET on the horizon?

If everything goes as planned, my transfer is scheduled for noon on Tuesday.
I say "if everything goes as planned" because today's bloodwork wasn't what the clinic had hoped for.
I went in this morning for what was suppose to be my last labwork before transfer. Of course, being Sunday, I was nervous about missing "The Call" while at church, so I had my phone on vibrate throughout the worship service and Sunday School. Of course, the call didn't come until well after church as we were getting ready to have our afternoon lunch. I answered with anticipation waiting to get my instructions for Tuesday and heard the news. "We currently have you scheduled for noon on Tuesday for your transfer, however your progesterone was a little low this morning and Dr. C would like for you to come in tomorrow morning to have those labs rechecked and have an ultrasound to check your lining one more time."
WHAT?? Really??
I happened to ask the nurse what my progesterone level was, and although I don't remember exactly, it was under 5! I knew that it sounded low, but I don't know what is expected at this stage. Honestly, this was the first time I had even asked what my "level" was this entire FET. Every other IUI and even with my previous FET I always asked what each bloodwork level was throughout. This time I didn't want to focus on any number. The only number I care about is that BETA number at the end of those two weeks.
Anyway, I asked the nurse what it "should" be. She was kind of vague. Her response was that if I was doing PIO that my level would be about 20. However, this FET I am only on the Crinone gel, which apparently doesn't get picked up in your bloodstream, therefore not picked up on the labs. I was a little concerned, but she said that the if everything looked good tomorrow with my lining and blood flow, then the transfer would still go on.
So, although I didn't want to get wrapped up in this, I went to good old Doctor Google. Wouldn't you know it...there was really nothing out there regarding this. For the most part, most people do both the PIO along with the Crinone gel. I mean, my last FET, I did both as well. This time around my doctor didn't prescribe it because according to studies, the Crinone gives all the progesterone needed right where it is needed. Makes sense to're putting it as close to the uterus as you can get it, right?
Anyway, here I sit, just a mere 40 or so hours away from transfer and there is a question as to whether it will happen or not.
I must say that I'm not too concerned about the thickness of my lining because this past Thursday my lining was 9-10 and my thought is that it can only get thicker right? So, I'm praying for it to be around 12 tomorrow.

Stay tuned for our update tomorrow...