Monday, July 12, 2010

IUI #1...BFN, but keeping my eyes UP!

I know, I know..lots to catch up on.

We went in on Tuesday last week to have a BETA done, and sadly it was negative. NOT PREGNANT. It was very sad for me, but even more so for poor DH. He was so sure that we were pregnant, that when I had to break the news to him, he was pretty much devastated. It broke my heart because his heart was breaking. AND, once again, I felt like I was such a broken woman. I felt like all the numbers were in our favor, but yet I just couldn’t get the prize…a beautiful baby.

When the nurse called to give me the news, I asked her how long I should wait if I had not started AF on my own. I really didn’t want to have to go this route again, but I just didn’t want to be sitting around waiting for weeks if it didn’t show its ugly face. She said that if I had not started to have a period by Monday, then I should call and we would decide then if I needed to have a prescription to bring on AF again.

I prayed…I prayed to God that he would let my body work right and that AF would arrive on its own without any medication or manipulation. I prayed that God would forgive me for rushing His time last cycle. I prayed that with his grace and mercy he would prepare my body for another round of pills, injections and medical intervention and assistance to ovulate and conceive a beautiful healthy baby.

God answered my prayers! Friday morning on my way to work I had some alone time, just me and God. Again I prayed to bring me AF, and about an hour after arriving to work…it came. THANK THE LORD. It sound so weird praying for that, and being thankful when it arrives, but believe me…I was thankful.

Sunday was CD3, so off to the RE we went for the usual…ultrasound and blood work. We got the call that everything looked good, and we were told to start the same regime as last time; 5mg of Femara for 5 days (CD3-CD7), start 50iu of Follistim on Wednesday and take that from CD6-CD12 and then return on CD12 for follow up blood work and ultrasound.

I’m keeping my faith, as always, and staying very optimistic that this will be the one for us. As I mentioned earlier; when I apologized to God for rushing him…I feel that I did. When I took the prometrium last cycle to try and bring on AF, and then AF never arrived but we went ahead with treatment as though it did. I am truly believing that it was not in God’s time, and I should have realized then and listened then. I’m praying that since my cycle started on its own this time, that it’s a good sign of what’s to come.

I’ll keep you posted!


Friday, July 2, 2010

8dpiui #1; 7dpiui #2 ~ And it's 4th of July weekend~

It’s Friday~ and I’m so glad that it is. I have a 3 day weekend looking me in the eye, and only 4 days left of this LONG wait. I’m so thankful that I haven’t completely driven myself out of my mind while waiting until I can know something. I will admit though that I have wondered if certain things I was doing or feeling were an early sign of pregnancy…but I haven’t been over doing it. I don’t think…my DH might say something else. haha

I’m looking forward to spending a nice weekend with DH and his parents. We usually always go to their home one day out of the weekend and enjoy the time with them. It is so relaxing and stress-free, which is definitely what I am seeking.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

7dpiui #1; 6dpiui #2 ~ 5 more days to go!

I'm still having a postive outlook on this. Yesterday I was  making several trips to the restroom...probably once every hour to hour and half. I am not sure if it's an early symptom or not, but I can assure you that it is not normal for me to go that often. I can also assure you that I didn't have a lot of fluids yesterday. It was also actually pretty sweet last little Savannah (my malti-poo) was wanting to lay on my tummy last night while I was laying in bed watching TV. She normally doesn't do that either, because she feels like she is being held down (even when I'm not touching her). They say that animals have a keen sense about women being pregnant, so I don't know about that either. You tell me. All of these things are keeping me quite positive. It's hard to believe that I am over half way through my waiting period. It's going to be a busy weekend with the 4th of July holiday, so that will be good.

I'll keep you updated with any other changes or symptoms.