Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ok, so I caved!

Ok, so I did cave yesterday morning at 7dp5dt. Actually, technically it was 6 1/2 days past transfer since it was about 6am when I tested yesterday morning, but my transfer was at 1pm on the 28th. I KNOW, I KNOW...I am being a little too technical. Anyway, I POAS (FRER) and got a very light second line. It was light, but there was definitely a second line. I even took a few pictures of it with my phone, but the photo doesn't come out so good so I haven't included it with this post. I have only one test left and plan on taking it on Friday morning which will be 10dpt. We are being cautiously optomistic, or at least I am. DH has already said..."I KNEW THIS WAS IT!" Remember, we have been here before, but both times ended in heartbreak. This time we are keeping our faith strong and believing this just is our time!