Friday, January 31, 2014

We are PUPO!

Tuesday went off without a hitch and actually was such a smooth and wonderful transfer that I can’t help but remain positive that this just might be our “third time is a charm” opportunity! DH and I were both able to sleep in, which was such a nice change to our normal week day routine. Normally my sweetie is out the door by 6:30 and on his way to work with that long 45 minute…if he is lucky, commute. I’m usually rolling out of our bed about that time and slowly getting myself showered and ready for work, but thankfully my commute is no more than 30 minutes…if I am lucky! Not today, however. We were able to sleep in till about 8 and then get ourselves together for what was going to be a very special day for us. We went to breakfast at this little mom and pop restaurant that we like to frequent. You know the kind…good food at great prices. Oh, and LOTS of food. Haha! We were able to sit and enjoy our meal and just watch those that you just know are the regulars there visit and converse with one another about what has been going on in their lives since the last time they saw one another. After breakfast we made a few stops and then made our way to my acupuncturist’s office. Since I had to be at the clinic at noon, I had made an 11am appointment for a 30 minute session prior to our transfer. That was probably the most relaxing session I have ever had, and trust me…that is saying a lot because they are always so relaxing for me. Once finished, it was off to the doctor’s office. I could go on with the details, but I won’t bore anyone with that. I will say however that the highlight for both DH and I was when the nurse brought him scrubs! WHAT? I asked her, “Does he get to go back with me for the procedure?” She was quite shocked that I asked that question…and simply responded, “Yes ma’am, this is a team effort and he belongs there!” This just made our day! I mean…once again, everything is so different than it was at that “other place”. I almost started crying right then knowing that he was going to get to be a part of this whole thing. Once we were dressed and ready, and I had been given my small dose of valium the rotating door of visitors came in to go over things with me. The doctor (Dr. “M”arvelous), the embryologist with a photo of our little embies, and the nurse who would be performing the ultrasound during the transfer. All of them…just simply wonderful. They were so caring and thoughtful and made the whole experience just more pleasant than the past two times before. The procedure itself went off without a hitch. First cathedar used worked just as the doctor had hoped. The uterus looked wonderful and those two little embies are now, hopefully and prayerfully, snuggling in for the next 9 months. After 30 minutes of rest there in recovery, we were discharged and I headed back to the acupuncturist. Now, after 2 ½ days of bedrest, I am back to work and feeling good. Keeping those prayers and positive thoughts surging through my mind. BETA is scheduled for Feb. 17th because of our cruise vacation. The nurse told me to take a test with me and do it while on vacation…but I think I am just going to wait until I get the blood test done this time. Of course, my feelings might change before then! I’ll keep you posted!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Tomorrow is the BIG Day!

I can't believe that my transfer is tomorrow afternoon! It seems like it was just yesterday when I got my protocol to move forward with having a January transfer, and that was over a month ago! Where has the time gone? I know, I know...we had the holidays and our trip to Florida to spend time with my dad, but seriously...IT'S ALREADY HERE? Surprisingly though, I am completely at peace and not nearly as stressed as I was this time prior to my last two FET's. I'm not completely sure how that is possible. Any woman would be anxious right about now. I don't know, maybe it is the fact that in 2 weeks I will be on my cruise in total relaxation and I have been mostly concentrated on getting all the last minute details taken care of for that. Maybe it is because I have been doing acupuncture almost two times a month since August. Or maybe, and most likely the cause, this new RE and clinic is such a refreshing change since my last experiences. Matter of fact, I am sure that has a lot to do with it. So, this time tomorrow...I will officially be PUPO!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Less than 2 Weeks til FET!

Well, today is CD7. Last Thursday Aunt Flo decided to make her appearance, and frankly was I excited and ready! I made my necessary call to the nurse to get my further instructions on what to do next. On CD1 (Last Thursday) I started the estrace (1 pill/day) and the dexamethasone (1 pill/day). I also started the Vivelle patches but unlike last time where I gradually increased my patches every other day until I was at 4 patches at once, I am only putting on 1 patch and changing it out every 3 days. I was told to continue on my lupron and then come in on Tuesday the 21st for my ultrasound lining check. Wait...WHAT? I thought we had a tentative scheduled date of Jan. 20th for the transfer. Well, apparently I got pushed back a week since AF took it's sweet time to show up, even though I don't think it took that long (4 days since stopping BCPs). Anyway, I will be going in bright and early next Tuesday to have my lining checked and hopefully moving on toward my FET on Monday, the 27th. I'm praying for a nice thick lining and that all looks well. This will be the first ultrasound since my surgery, so I am curious to see what the doctor has to say about it. The one thing that I am struggling with since this has been moved back a week is that it looks like I will have to wait until AFTER we get back from our cruise before I will get my BETA test done which would make it 21dp5dt. THAT'S RIGHT, not a 2WW but a 3WW! My nurse graciously gave me permission to take a HPT while on my cruise, but I swore those things off this go around. I want to do everything different than I had done the previous two times. So...ladies, don't complain about having to wait 2 weeks, when I will have to wait 3! Just Kidding of course. I know how much of a struggle those 14 days can be. I have continued along with my acupuncture and plan on having a treatment before AND after my transfer. Again, all along with the "doing things completely different this go around" theme.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Is It Really 2014?

Goodness, It is so hard to believe that we are already into the 2014 year. It seems like I blinked and 2013 was done and over with. The holidays were good for us this year. Instead of daddy dearest coming North to spend a couple weeks with us in the Carolinas, we did a switch up and went South to Florida to spend a few days with him. It was a long drive down on Christmas Eve since Ken and I both had to work. Thankfully I only had a 1/2 day, but my sweet hubby had to work almost a complete full day. His scrooge of a boss was nice enough to let him get off a whole hour and a half early, so we were on the road at about 4:30 getting us to dad's at 1am! During our visit, I got to treat my hubby and my dad to a trip to the most magical place on earth.
That was really the most excitement that we had during our short visit with dad, and boy was it a full day! I think I wore Ken out with all the walking and rides and shows and showing him around the place. Of course he had been there before, but never at Christmas, which is definitely a must see! Oh, the three of us did go to the movies on Christmas afternoon to see Saving Mr. Banks. If you have not seen this movie, I highly recommend it! We all really enjoyed it. Tom Hanks plays and awesome Walt Disney. So, for the New Year we laid pretty low. We went to see a movie, Anchorman 2 and then dinner. We were home before 9pm and stayed up to watch the ball drop and then off to bed. I think we are getting old, but Ken just says he doesn't like to be out with the "amateurs". Oh, and to kick the new year off just right, I started my first injection of Lupron on the 1st! My last BCP will be tomorrow evening and then we await AF. We are officially getting this show started people, so stay tuned for more excitement.