Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gearing Up for FET #2

Ok, so either I didn't ovulate, or I ovulated and the 2 times (and I mean, barely 2 times) that DH and I did the baby dance were unsuccessful, GO FIGURE!
Well, yesterday I met with Dr. C, my RE and we are starting another FET. His first question was, "So, you have 5 beautiful embies, 4 are excellent AA's and 1 is definitely baby making material so how many do you want to trasnfer?" I didn't hesitate...."We are adimant about putting 3 in this time!" Needless to say, he wasn't too crazy about that idea. He threw his hands up and rolled his office chair back and said some things that really kind of ticked me off. First comment was, "Well, what happens if you get pregnant with triplets and they all die because you can't manage being pregnant with 3 at once?" OR..."Have you even talked to your OB/Gyn about carrying multiples?" Umm, well that would be a big fat NO, because I haven't gotten pregnant long enough to even discuss that with my doctor. Don't you think that is a stupid question?
Well, I explained to him why DH and I were so set on transfering 3 and with this being our possible last shot at doing this, we wanted to really give it a good chance at having a baby in 9 months or so. Besides, isn't all of this up in God's hands. If we get pregnant with 3 (although I am smart enough to know that the chances of all of them taking are very low), then God will see us through and it is going to be just perfect. My faith has turned from being with the doctors to solely being with the Lord.
I have learned a lot during this journey...I've learned to be patient, it will all work out in God's time (this was a hard one); I've become very humbled throughout this entire walk.  My faith has been tested to it's limits. I was pushed to the edge, but thankfully made my way back.

I'm really looking forward to this next transfer. It's going to be one long 6 weeks (until Transfer) and 8 weeks until we find out if we were successful or not!