Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cycle Day 17....Update

Well, today is CD 17...and question is, "have I ovulated yet?"
That's a good question...because I really don't know. I have been taking OPK's since CD11 and doing the old monitoring of my BBT, which we know is not really accurate...but, what can I say other than I don't really have any other option right now.
This is my first real cycle since the miscarriages, so I'm not expecting a true out right cycle...

DH surprised the heck out of me Sunday though, because he is all ready to do another FET if we are not successful on our own during THIS cycle. Surprised, yes... I mean I am happy that he is ready to push forward, but I figured he might want to try on our own for a few months, not just this time only. The big thing is going to be getting the funds together. According to the estimate, we will need to expect on paying about $3500 which does not include the medication which can run upwards to about $1000. BUT, DH seems to think we can swing it...but I just don't know how. we just wait....and see if we are successful.
That IS if I even O'd this cycle.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

FINALLY, a period!

Well, so I thought I had ovulated about 13 days ago or so...but now it looks like I might have gotten my positive OPK at the end of an ovulation cycle. Today is CD3! Tuesday morning I woke up and welcomed the wicked witch of the south (if you know what I mean). This was the first signs of a true AF since my miscarriages back in January/February!
Normally, today, CD3 I would be at the clinic first thing in the morning having blood work and ultrasound to see what is going on my uterus and ovaries. BUT, today I was able to sleep in, and not even think about having to go to a clinic, or prepare to start fertility medications. LOVE IT!

On the flip side of what else is going on in my back has been really killing me the past few days. Thinking back, it actually started to hurt about a day before AF arrived. Could this be cycle related? Who knows. I know that I have never had any back ache like this before. We got notice last Tuesday that our tenants at our house were moving out and relocating to MN. The 24 month lease they signed turned into only about 4 months! Surprisingly I was not very stressed over this. I felt confident that we would find another tenant, AND we would be able to raise the rent a little, since it seems like we were renting it a lot less that other homes in the area. This past Sunday we showed the house 4 times and had 2 applications by Monday afternoon. Yesterday we made our choice and will be meeting them to sign a lease tonight. stress. I've got to stay stress free.

As for my involvement with the fertility boards....I've stayed clear. I just can't get all wrapped up in that right now. I get so invested in the boards and the girls on there that I have come to love over the past year since I joined FT...but, I've got to keep my sanity right now. I'm starting to get better about dealing with my losses, but I'm not 100% there yet.

Speaking of, yesterday I went to our rental house and met with the tenants who are leaving to get the keys. She is pregnant and due in August. She already has a 3 year old little boy. I kindly asked what she was having...her response: "Another dang boy...I'm a boy maker!" My response to her was simply..."well, at least you can make them!" I then followed my reply with a nice, but honestly empty..."Congratulations"

Ugh...maybe this cycle? Lord I pray so!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Without prescription medications? Really? Well, it seems to be the case.
About 9 days ago, on June 4th, I noticed that I was having some pretty heavy discharge, which after doing some checking determined it was EWCM. It really kind of shocked me, because I had not had any AF since my miscarriages, so...could I be reading my body right? I mean I had noticed some slight cramping for a couple days, but nothing really to take note of...but then again in all the years since my first menses at age 11 (yes, you heard me right), I never had any cramping. Matter of fact, I only ever noticed any ovulation cramping when I was on fertility meds and would take an injection to induce ovulation...really. So, I decided to take an OPK, since I had several in my stash from my TTC before doing my IUI's and monitoring and IVF.
Really? Can this be possible?
Funny thing is, I had called my OB/Gyn nurse earlier that day to discuss my concern since it had been so long since my miscarriage and yet I had not had a period. So...I took this test before I received her call back. Below is the gist of that call:
Nurse K: "Dr. M. was wondering if you were still receiving treatment at Reach?"
Me: "Well, no! I haven't been there since my last beta test in early March."
Nurse K: "That's kind of what I thought, and what I relayed to the doctor." She asked if you took a HPT."
Me: "I actually took one over a week ago, even though I knew it would be negative, I just wanted to make sure to rule that out."
Nurse K: "Well, she would like to have you repeat a HPT in a week and then call back to let us know the results. We might have to put you on Provera to induce a period."
Me: "Well, funny thing. I took a OPK about 10 minutes before your call, and it is showing positive. I also have noticed a lot of EWCM, so is it possible that I could be ovulating without having a break thru AF?"
Nurse K: "Of course it is possible. I wish you luck if you are going to attempt anything."
Me: "Well, I haven't told my husband yet, but we will see and pray that everything works out ok. I will retest then in 2 weeks and then follow up with you then."
Nurse K: "Sounds good. I look forward to hearing great news from you then!"

So, there you have it. It looks like I ovulated, so we tried...ONCE, because that's just how it worked out for us that weekend. I'm not holding out any hope or expectation of course, but I've been praying about it. I'm mostly just thrilled that my body ovulated without any prescription assistance and manipulation. I really think that the pills that I started (Fertility Blend for Women) is doing something with my body. It's all up to God, as it has always been...I just stand amazed every day at what He can do and the miracles that he grants us.

Friday morning will be the day I will POAS, yet again. I pray I see two lines, but honestly...this time around I won't be disappointed. I will just be excited that my body is responding and keep plugging along and praying that maybe the next cycle will be my time!

The most amazing thing about this "alternative treatment" that I feel more in control. It's funny....and freeing. My life is not dictated by doctor appointments, and what time to be home to take my shot, and blood work, and over thinking... I'm not missing that. Would I ever do it again, if I need to for my victory....I will; that is if the Lord finds us the means to make it happen financially. But this journey is not over for me. It's not going to beat me.